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Our company has sufficient experience in this feild and cooperate with best available factories. Our aim is to produce products of high demand under our own labels. By adding unique features and value for customers and developing comprehensive product line we provide more attractiveness to the whole brand portfolio and fill in the gaps which are of high demand at the market. We invest in promotions heavily and expect to become the best client for each factory we have deals with. Our working ethic and openness are among our professional qualities.


Wholesale B2B business is our core. We negotiate win-win contracts and deliver results to our partners. Our distribution network consists of clients of different sizes and types of trade, located and operating in biggest cities of Russian Federation Territory. Our brand portfolio is big enough to keep loyal business customers satisfied. And they like us because we never stop growing. Synergy is key approach to offer balanced and purposely built range of products to retain the position of leading supplier at russian market in categories we operate in. We have some good and well known names aboard. We never stop working hard adding new cool items into assortment matrix.


Retail is transforming. And we embrace that change and challenge. We have high class specialists with different background to get involved into our research and retail evolution. The best way is - to set up a hybrid model of a store including modern technologies and polls' discoveries - how people prefer to buy now? Where and when their desire to purchase occurs? Because nowadays people prefer to buy beatiful and not boring things the best way to provide it to them is to go online with precise descriptions, awesome promo-materials and availability to ship to every city, town, village of Russia using pro logistic companies.


Online retailing developing much faster among other growing industries and retail formats in Russia. It nearly doubles each year. Because of its advantages: thousands of products available within 2 clicks' reach; great multimedia presentation materials; people's lazyness to go outside of the house because of lack of strengths and free time (delivery solves all of that); feedback by users who already bought the product and so on. We have an influencial online store which helps to promote our brand portfolio and present the whole product range online as attractive as possible. Visited by thousands a day this platform is a runway for launching new items.


People are social creatures. And we like "in person" approach. Some years ago it was impossible to know everybody by name. These days this is not a problem. We have a client base of loyal customers which accounts for thousands of potential buyers. Our social network sales represantatives communicate with our clients 12 hours a day,making calls and providing answers to tons of questions and deliver brand values.