About Megarion

"Megarion Group" is a fast emerging distribution and retailing company located in Moscow, Russia. The core of it's business are products for babies and kids. "To be a specialist - is to be a winner". This kind of moto is essential today when people are lost between tons of products available for purchasing. "To be differentiated and remembered", "to have something unique or of high value to offer" is a task we crave for. This kind of recognition produces great results and payoffs. Our mission says "to surprise and entertain kids better then anybody else, to maintain best care for babies and mamas".

Megarion embodies modern managment approach combined with lust for innovations and strong will to satisfy kids evergrowing expectations for toys they play. We improve toys and escalate the level of joy and children's happiness, which help them grow as healthy persons with developed skills and awareness in what they want and deserve.   

Megarion group has several divisions.

Each of them grows like a skyscrapper day after day in the heart of the city where pulse of business life beats. Under the rising sun, surpassing competition.

Distribution b2b business.

This one emerged as our core. We've had success distributing international brands: Yamaha (USA, snow scooters for kids), Age Design (Canada, highchairs for babies), Rock my Baby (Hong Kong, baby rockers) as well as our own private label - "Small Rider". Distribution network we've built let us execute new brand and product launch in a very short time. We have retail (including chains), wholesale and online store clients in different cities and towns of Russia. We inform all of our base rapidly about new arrivals and amazing brands we are glad to present. Most of our B2B clients impatiently wait for new products to arrive at our central wharehouse and make pre-orders or pre-listings at their web stores and retail outlets. We supply them with promotion materials, tutorials, specifications and manuals for their front office sales representatives.

Production and private label development.

This is another our key direction. We search, test and select only the best products for kids which we combine under "Small Rider" label umbrella in medium plus segment. We plan to launch premium and economy brands as well.

Great respectful relationships with the factories and brandholders, our working ethic and financial stability let us execute win-win strategy to be at the edge of competition in several areas.

There are plenty of ideas or products are available. Not all of them meet success. We make a strong push investing in promotion, events, exhibitions, social media and commercial advertising. We build a communication channels through which our brands tell its stories and speak for themselves.

Online retailing.

If you like it or not, but street retail will not be the same as before.Its a ghost now.Thing that stuck between the worlds: "the future" and "the past".

Higher prices, limited choice, bad and poor presentation materials, lack of feedback from the people who already bought the product, the need to go out of the home when time is precious and limited, gigantic competion for store shelves and many other factors pull classic street retail down. Online retailing grows much faster and its audience nearly double each year. Online welcomes and gives a chance to every product. But not all of them meet success too. Internet is super changing organism.The products got old and replaced in several months...

The knowledge how to operate in this mess is crucial for companies which want to build a brand communication concept for years to come. Products must change and embody changes in peoples' minds and preferences.


Althogh the old street retailing is degrading, we are investing in new retail format research. As soon as we launch a pilot one, we will tell you here the details :-)

Direct sales.

This is very important not to loose a connection or dialogue with different generations of modern customers. What they prefer to buy, how they prefer to buy, where they prefer to buy. The channel of delivery is changed. Many prefer to shop in social network stores. We are giving this opportunity and sell products knowing each client in person.

 7 principles of our success:

1. Managment's vision and proactive approach. Without it other resaurces simply don't produce high results. With experience of work for big russian retail chains as top exectuives our bosses have something to share with the team.

2. Deep research and understanding of customer's needs. We have a retailing branch which produces insights and cool stats. As well as analytics crew, who dig down deep into world of social media and users' interactions.

3. Lasting partnership. Our work ethic and managment skills let our partners to be confident in us and entrust in our operation newest products and projects. We, from our side, invest in promotion and in products stock, do public relations work, expand the pressence and availability of 100% of our portfolio at our distribution network.

4. Synergy. We have several divisions feeding with information and each other. Everybody linked. Every process serves the whole system.

5. Client service.This one should go first. We always keep it in mind. We have a call-center to solve our clients problems. Our account b2b manager aimed to grow the sales of our brands portfolio at our b2b cleints business outlets in win-win like way. If a business client has overstock we usually offer a service to change it into another item or execute free delivery to clients' wharehouse.

6. Good team of proffesionals. Our divisions communicate between each other because of internal information portal and web messengers, create work groups and perform at high level solving weeks and days' tasks.

7. Success driven. Success attracts success. We have our track record we are proud of. It gives us a sense of positive momentum to work harder and achieve even more for our company and partners.